Evenin' Star Boot Company



Boot Sizing Chart


For Men order your standard American shoe size. Men can choose from width D, EE. Standard stock widths for men include D and EE. All other widths are special order but standard price. You will just have to wait for the boot to be manufactured (wait 6 weeks).

For Ladies, order your American shoe size less 1/2 size. If you are standard American size 8, the 7 1/2 is your Evenin' Star size. This is true for widths B and C. Widths A, D, EE for ladies' boots are special order but standard price. Average manufacturing time is 6 weeks.


Stock colors for ladies are black, white and skintone. With the Pro style boot, we also stock black lycra and skintone lycra. Men's stock color is black. Black lycra is also stocked in the Pro style. Special colors can be ordered. Some are red, bone, chocolate, black suede nut brown and tobaco. Allow 6 weeks for these colors.


All Evenin' Star boots are made from two materials. One, top quality full grain leather. Two, for competition dancers or just people who want an EXTREMELY lightweight, flexible boot, or who have sizing issues, the Evenin' Star boot is manufactured in LYCRA. Lycra is a durable, fabric that does not reflect light on the dance floor and has an elastic flexibility for those who have unequal forefoot/rearfoot proportions. So to avoid many custom fit situations we came up with Lycra as the alternative. But, when the competitive dancers discovered it, Lycra has become extremely popular. Lycra is available in black or 'skintone' (camel).


Men's and women's Evenin' Star boots have been designed to match each other. The Cheyenne for men and the Dusti for women are made exactly the same so that the couple (or team) wearing them in competition will have matching footwear. All styles have a deep cut 3" upper scallop. A scallop is the V shape in the front and rear panels of the upper portion of the western boot.

ALL Boots are made in 3 styles described below:

Welted vs Weltless Boot Construction

1.  WELTED STYLE with cushioned insole. This is the original western style with sewn-on outsole and a bead of welting around the edges of the forefoot so that the outsole can be sewn to the upper. Welted style has a full shank for midfoot support. Note: due to airport security issues these days, the steel shank has been exchanged for a just-as-tough, carbon fiber shank.

2.  WELTLESS (XPC) - Gone is the bead of welt around the boot edges. For those who are trying to refine their dance technique, this style enables the dancer to 'work inside edges' without having the welt obstruct the motion. Weltless is sleeker to the contours of the foot, so if whether you are a competition dancer or you just like the more fashion look of the weltless style this one is for you. Features a half shank for midfoot support and added sole flexibility. The cushioned insole is gone to add to flexibility.

3.  PRO model is both shankless and weltless. This boot is mostly handmade so that the insole can be cut extremely thin. This boot can be literally rolled up into a ball, it is so flexible. For those who have had ballet training to make extremely accurate foot lines, this boot is for you. 80 % of competitive dancers choose this model. More and more the Pro model in Lycra is becoming the boot of choice for competitors. Still looks exactly like a western boot! Again, the cushioned insole is replaced by a thin insole for maximum flexibility.


CHEYENNE. All men's boots are called Cheyenne. Cheyenne comes with a variety of choices. Cheyenne comes with the standard 13" top height, western style C heel (@1.5") and western stitching to match the leather color. Two standard toe shapes are available, 18 and 21. 18 is more pointed. 21 is more rounded. TOE SHAPE 21 has evolved into the most popular toe shape. Therefore, we stock more 21 toe than 18 toe. Dancers have found that the more round the toe, the less empty space is ahead of their forefoot. Thereby making it a little easier to execute the steps of country dance without having extra space in front of the foot.


DUSTI - 13" height, matches Cheyenne feature for feature. Dusti fits medium foot width, medium calf circumference, medium bone structure, C heel (@1.5"). Both 18 and 26 toe is available, but toe shape 26 is most popular, as it provides a little more room for the toes to spread out when dancing. For first timers trying to determine the best toe shape for themselves, visually inspect your foot to see if your foot structure is more pointed or more rounded at the end. Many times the more narrow bone structure foot has a tendency to be more pointed near the big toe. This type of foot can wear either style in complete comfort. If your foot is fleshier, choose toe 26 for the most comfort. For competitive dancers, the round toe is an overwhelming favorite, as it eliminates the empty space needed to create a toe shape.

DEBBIE - 13" top, matches Cheyenne feature for feature with one difference: Debbie FITS a LARGER CALF. Debbie is cut with an additional 1.5" of calf circumference than Dusti. Combine this with the 3" Scallop in the front and rear of the upper and a much larger calf can fit in Debbie. The Debbie is available in both the 18 and 26 Stock heel is the standard underslung western C heel.

KACEY - features 14" top height, standard C heel and fits the THIN CALF. Ladies, you know who you are. If a western boot has always 'flopped' on your calf, the Kacey is probably for you. The top diameter is slighly less in circumference than the Dusti and fits higher up on the calf for a slimmer look. 18 and 26 toe available.

TAMMY - features a short 10" top with full upper stitching. For those who are short in stature or whose calf likes the shorter top height of 10" instead of the 13" top height of standard western boots. Available with toe 18 or 26. Comes standard with C heel and 3" scallop.