Evenin' Star Boot Company


If you are a fan of pro football or watch Dancing With The Stars, then you have seen some boots from Evenin' Star Boot Company. Pro football cheerleaders in the past and present, such as the Denver Bronco Cheerleaders, Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and San Francisco 49er Cheerleaders has worn our boots. During country/western dances, the stars and pro dancers on Dancing with The Stars also have worn our boots.

The business dates back to 1986 when owners Steve Clarkson and Roy Shafer decided to make and distribute a video teaching people how to do popular country/western dances. The first video production was entitled "Two Step Dancin' Texas Style" and was marketed nationally via TV advertising. The video's success led to more videos and soon a direct mail piece featuring not only videos but also clothing such as dresses, cowboy hats, hat bands, belts, buckles, etc.

Hearing their wives complain about the lack of western boots that were comfortable for dancing, they began looking into the possibility of making boots especially for avid dancers. Thus, a comfortable, lightweight, soft, flexible boot was born by dancers for dancers. This type of comfort is unheard of in a western boot.

Now the Evenin' Star Boot is the boot of choice among dancers all over the world. Not just dancers are wearing the boot. It is popular with business men that love boots and want something comfortable to wear all day. So whether you are wanting something to wear to church, desk work, social events or a night of dancing, Evenin' Star Boots are the perfect choice for you.