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Evenin' Star Dance Boots


When the Denver Bronco Cheerleaders take the field in their uniforms and gleaming white boots, they do so to Dance!

And for the next three and a half hours they pirouette and high kick, rond de ambe and boot scoot to exciting choreography regardless of whether the turf is 100 degrees or freezing with snow or freezing rain. They are beautiful, they are talented, they are well trained. They are athletes, they are dancers and they are wearing Evenin' Star Boots. This is because some boots are made for ridin' and working the ranch, but Evenin' Star Boots are made for Dancin'!

Cheerleading and Drill Team Boots by Evenin' Star Boot Company

That means comfort - for hours of wear.

That means lightweight - for fast moves and less foot fatigue.

That means soft, supple flexibility - for freedom of movement.

That means Evenin' Star Boots are the only choice for the Denver Bronco Cheerleaders.

Call or write and we will let you know why Evenin' Star Boots should be the choice for your cheerleading or drill team. After all these boots are made for Dancin!

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